Sustainable dishwashing technology.
For the love of the environment

Winterhalter is a responsible company that promotes saving resources and sustainable dishwashing solutions. With innovative technology we reduce water, power and detergent use to a minimum. Thus we spare the environment and reduce the operating costs of our customers.

irt – Intelligent Resource Technology

The consumption of resources can be permanently reduced without compromising wash results with Winterhalter's irt concept. The various technologies we employ use less power, water, detergent and rinse aid, which lowers your operating costs and environmental impact.

Save energy with heat recovery

Efficient heat recovery systems are responsible for the savings in the Energy Versions of Winterhalter warewashers. The Energy Function uses the energy contained in the steam generated by the wash to heat the cold inlet water. Additional waste water heat exchangers and heat pumps are also available for certain machines which provide additional energy savings.

Permanently reduce water consumption

The four factors for a perfect wash result (temperature, time, chemicals, mechanics) are precisely adapted at Winterhalter to the items to be washed, typical contaminations and individual conditions. Dishwasher, water preparation, detergent and rinse agent, as well as washing basket are optimally modulated so that water consumption can be kept as low as possible.

Efficient rinse and filter systems in all machines ensure reduced water consumption, as well as optimized re-rinse water amounts.

Minimal consumption of detergent and rinse agent

Thanks to exactly calibrated components (machine, water treatment, chemicals, wash baskets), detergent and rinse agents can be dosed in the optimal smallest possible amounts. This means that we contribute to environmental protection with each wash cycle.

In the development of our detergents and rinsing hygiene products, we put great emphasis on environmental friendliness and have special bio-detergents in the program which keep the waste water pH neutral.

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