Special hygiene design for dishwashers.

Hygiene is crucial in washrooms of commercial kitchens. Winterhalter places a focus on a robust hygienic design across its complete range of warewashers.

The special design of the conveyor machines prevents deposits of dirt and bacteria building up. This guarantees a hygienic process and sustainably reduces washing costs.

180° swivelling hygiene doors.

The double skinned, deep drawn, rivet-free hygiene doors, give dirt and bacteria nowhere to hide. The doors swivel 180° enabling easy manual cleaning of the insides. The machine itself also offers optimal access to the interior.

Automatic Self-Cleaning

Throughout operation, rotating nozzles continuously clean the roof of the tank with clean water. At the end of the working day, the complete interior of the dishwasher is rinsed with fresh water and the tank drained. This guarantees hygiene and the need for manual cleaning is significantly reduced.

Exhaust system with fat filter

A unique exhaust system is part of the MT Series hygiene concept. A fat filter protects the exhaust channel from contamination, so build-up is avoided. No fat can enter the kitchen space - a great plus for a positive kitchen climate.

Well thought out hygiene concept

Through deep seated hygiene tanks, a smooth hygiene back surface without risers an a heat exchange cleaning system with two rotating washing arms, Winterhalter completes the well thought out hygiene concept of the MT Series. The wash process occurs pursuant to hygiene standard DIN 1051.

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