Glass washing

Flexible pressure adjustment for sparkling glasses.

VarioPower is the flexible, pressure adjusting system that makes the UC series unique. These are the first glasswashers in the world that have a program that can adapt the wash depending on the glass being washed.  It produces a gentle wash for fine wine glasses and a more powerful wash for robust beer glasses.

Variable pressure adjustment

Winterhalter are the only manufacturer that can vary the wash power of their machines using the VarioPower concept. By choosing the relevant icon on the control panel all of the wash elements adjust, including power, detergent, dosing and temperature to match the items being washed. A lower pressure is used for delicate items and a stronger wash for more robust or heavily soiled items.

Innovative elliptical wash field

It is critical that a warewasher delivers and attains perfect and hygienic wash results. The Winterhalter wash fields are designed and positioned to assure an optimal wash performance and even surface coverage. The wash and rinse jets come from the same wash fields, consequently there are no areas where the jets do not reach.

Integrated wash and rinse nozzles

Integrated wash and rinse nozzles form the main characteristic of the elliptical wash fields. They have been engineered to vary in size, shape and angle so that they hit the wash items at various angles. These angular jets ensure the most effective wash and rinse action and guarantee optimal wash results.

VarioPower Technical Animation

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