Reinventing efficiency

The best cleaning results with maximum efficiency.

Significant consideration should be given to the water and energy consumption of a machine when choosing a commercial warewasher. The consumption values will  impact directly on the operating costs and a buying decision should not be made on the purchase price alone.

Winterhalter employs state of the art technology to minimise water, power and detergent consumption in all of its warewashers. The investment we have made in this technology will allow you to lower your operating costs significantly.

irt – Intelligent Resource Technology

The consumption of resources can be permanently reduced without compromising wash results with Winterhalter's irt concept. The various technologies we employ use less power, water, detergent and rinse aid, which lowers your operating costs and environment impact.

Reduce consumables - wash more economically

Well considered wash solutions from Winterhalter guarantee economic use of energy, water and detergents. Energy versions of the Winterhalter warewashers use efficient heat recovery systems contribute towards sustainable energy savings. These systems use the energy contained in the waste steam and water to heat the cold inlet water. Ultra-efficient filtration systems also contribute towards the reduction of water and detergent use.

Avoid damage - save on costs

Winterhalter guarantees perfect wash results with its innovative wash technology. In addition you can rely on sensitive wash processes. This helps to avoid glass breakages and the erosion of delicate decorations on high quality dishes. You can avoid incurring unexpected costs in glass and crockery bills but also your overall operating costs.

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