Cutlery washing

Polish-free cutlery.

The UC series cutlery washers and the compact AT Excellence-S reverse osmosis device are the perfect duo for sparkling, polish-free wash results. This combination produces a brilliant shine but without time consuming and unhygienic polishing. The cutlery ready to use immediately after the wash cycle which saves you time and money.

Cutlery washers - brilliant cutlery without polishing.

The specially developed UC cutlery washers guarantee the hygienic cleaning of cutlery. The wash pressure and temperature are precisely calibrated to the requirements of cutlery washing. A five minute wash cycle will produce perfectly clean and shiny cutlery without additional polishing; saving you time and money.

Reverse osmosis AT Excellence-S for brilliant wash results.

Mains water contains various impurities that can result in residue on the cutlery, which are usually visible as spots. The reverse osmosis device AT Excellence-S, forces the mains water through membranes which remove approximately 98% of all impurities. These impurities cannot deposit themselves on cutlery after washing, so subsequent polishing becomes superfluous.

Perfect wash results thanks to the comprehensive system.

There are many elements that contribute to perfect wash results in the Winterhalter system. Winterhalter offers special cutlery racks, high performance detergents, rinse aids and water treatment all along side the washers themselves.

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