Utensil washer
UF-M Energy


    Heat recovery Energy

    The Energy function uses the warm steam to heat the cold inlet water. The cooled, dry air flows back into the machine.

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Improved room climate
    • Improved dish drying

    Software versions

    When purchasing a UF-M, UF-L or UF-XL, you can select from three software versions to suit the relevant area of application.

    • Baker
    • Butcher
    • Universal

    Soaking programme

    The soaking programme soaks the dishes before the actual wash cycle, with a detergent solution.

    • Dried-on and baked-on stains are removed
    • Reduced manual prewashing effort
    • Saving you time and money
    • Optimal wash results

    Standard programmes

    One of three standard programmes can be selected depending on the level of soiling. All the relevant washing parameters are optimally adapted to the respective requirements.

    • Flexible programme selection
    • Optimal wash results

    High-performance washing system with VarioPower

    This unique and newly developed warewashing system ensures perfect pressure distribution and coverage in the interior of the machine thanks to optimal flow control. VarioPower enables a seemless adjustment of the washing pressure fully in line with your individual requirements.

    • Perfect wash results
    • Maximum hygiene
    • Individual and flexible adjustability

    Intelligent wash water filtration

    Alkaline water undergoes optimal filtration through our intelligent wash water filtration system.

    • Continually clean alkaline-heavy water
    • Optimal wash results
    • Reduced water and energy consumption
    • Reduced use of chemicals thanks to improved effectiveness
    • Optimal machine protection
    • Maximum process stability

    Hygiene interior

    A well-thought-out concept for perfect hygiene and low cleaning costs.

    • Smooth, seamless interior space
    • Deep-drawn hygiene tank
    • Hygiene-rack guide
    • Hygiene tank heater
    • No nooks and crannies for dirt and deposits

    Automatic start-up / shutdown

    It is easy to set your preferred times for the daily start-up and shutdown of the machine.

    • No long waiting times for the machine to be ready for operation
    • No staff costs for the heating-up phase

    Stand-by mode

    In wash breaks, the boiler temperature is reduced to such an extent that the machine can heat up the rinse water to the target temperature during the following wash cycle without any waiting times.

    • Reduced energy costs
    • Permanent operational readiness

    Rinse aid dosing device

    The standard integrated rinse aid dosing device provides exact dosing and saves space.

    • Optimal dosing for a perfect wash and dry results
    • Economical rinse aid consumption

    Swing-up rack

    The solid stainless steel rack can simply be folded upwards to allow for cleaning of the interior of the machine. It is no longer necessary to pull out the rack.

    • Quick and easy handling
    • Ergonomic cleaning of the interior of the machine

    Touch screen and quick start button

    The touch screen is the intuitive operating unit in the UF Series.

    • Self-explanatory, language-neutral operation
    • Colour-coded single-button operation with wash progress display
    • Error display for rapid error diagnosis
    • Access to the operation and hygiene logbook

    Active energy management

    This feature optimally distributes the available energy and ensures an efficient wash cycle.

    • Machine ready for use in short space of time
    • Shorter washing times
    • Maximum speed even with lower connected loads
  • Heat recovery Energy
  • Software versions
  • Standard programmes
  • Soaking programme
  • High-performance washing system with VarioPower
  • Intelligent wash water filtration
  • Hygiene interior
  • Rinse aid dosing device
  • Swing-up rack
  • Touch screen and quick start button
  • Active energy management
  • Automatic start-up / shutdown
  • Stand-by mode

    Cold water pre-rinse

    At the beginning of the hot cleaning process, the dishes are pre-rinsed with cold water.

    • No build-up of proteins and starch due to hot water
    • Guarantees hygienically clean wash results
    • Reduces the effort involved in manual pre-rinsing
    • Perfect wash results

    Detergent dosing device

    [Translate to United Kingdom:] The integrated detergent dosing device supplements the standard integrated rinse aid dosing.

    • Optimal detergent dosing for perfect wash results
    • Minimum consumption of detergent

    TurboZyme Soaking process

    The new TurboZyme soaking process involves soaking the dishes before the actual wash cycle with Winterhalter's innovative special detergent Crust Cracker. This is available in three versions specific to the relevant level of soiling and to meet your individual requirements.

    • Active enzymes optimally remove dried-on and baked-on stains
    • Reduces manual prewashing
    • Saving you considerable time and money
    • Perfect wash results: soak, wash, rinse, done!

    Dosing device for crust cracker

    The integrated dosing device controls the dosing of Winterhalter's special Crust cracker detergent during the soaking process.

    • Optimal dosing of the Winterhalter soaking detergent
    • More economical consumption
    • Maximum effectiveness
    • Perfect wash results

    Defoamer dosing device

    Special defoaming components can be added to the wash cycle via the integrated dosing device.

    • Optimal dosing for perfect wash results
    • More economical consumption

    Hinged door

    With the new UF Series, the door can be unlocked and folded downwards with ease, making it easy to access the interior of the machine.

    • Convenient access to the interior of the machine
    • Easy cleaning of the tank heating element and interior of the machine

    Performance heating element

    Performance heating elements feature boosted tank and boiler heating capacity.*

    • Reduced heating times when filling and reheating
    • Machine ready for use in short space of time

    *use of fuse protection from 25 A

  • Cold water pre-rinse
  • TurboZyme Soaking process
  • Performance heating element
  • Hinged door
  • Defoamer dosing device
  • Dosing device for crust cracker
  • Detergent dosing device

    Rack dolly M/L

    The new rack dolly for the UF Series allows for items to be easily collected and transported to the machine. The dolly makes it easier to redistribute the clean items following the cleaning process.

    • Easy and ergonomic loading and unloading of the machine
    • Reduced staff workload
    • Optimal workflows

    Intermediate shelves M/L

    Using an intermediate shelf allows open Euronorm transport racks to be washed on two levels.

    • Doubles the wash capacity for open Euronorm transport racks
  • Rack dolly M/L
  • Intermediate shelves M/L
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Utensil washer UF-M Energy. Resource efficiency and maximum wash power.

The Winterhalter utensil washer UF-M Energy is equipped with circulating air heat recovery. It uses the hot steam from every wash cycle to heat up the cold inlet water. This proven system safes valuable energy and reduces operating costs.

In addition the hot steam no longer escapes into the kitchen and considerably improves your room climate.

The UF-M energy convinces through resource-efficient operation and delivers a perfect wash result.

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Technical data: UF-M

UF Series according to size in [mm]:
Technical Information UF-M
Width 775
Depth closed /opened 905 / 1295
Height closed / opened 1910 (+35 / -10) / 2000 (+35 / -10)
Input height / input width 640 / 651
Working height 885 (+35 / -10)
Rack dimensions (inside) 612 x 672
Tank capacity [l] 69,0
Water protection class IPX 5
UF-M - Energy
Technical Information Unit Energy
Theoretic capacity [Racks/h] 40 / 24 / 12
Theoretic capacity short programme [Racks/h] 64 / 42 / 23
Rinse water volume* [l] 4,7
Tank temperature [°C] 60
Rinse temperature [°C] 85
Max inlet water temperature [°C] 20
Tank heating standard / performance [kW] 5 / 10
Boiler heating standard / performance [kW] 10,2 / 16,4
Total connection value 380V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
8,7 / --- kW / 16 A
400V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
9,4 / --- kW / 16 A
400V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
10,0 / --- kW / 20 A
400V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
16,3 / 16,4 kW / 25 A
400V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
17,5 / 18,8 kW / 32 A
400V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
--- / 24,1kW / 16 A
415V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
10,0 / --- kW / 16 A
415V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
10,8 / --- kW / 20 A
415V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
17,4 / 17,7 kW / 25 A
415V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
18,7 / 20,3 kW / 32 A
415V / 3N~ 50/60 Hz:
--- / 25,5 kW / 40 A

The technical data provided here are based on an operation under ideal conditions. Depending on the local circumstances, individual values may vary and must be recalibrated on startup..

* Non-binding information. The actual need for rinse water can vary depending on the on-site conditions.