Utensil Washer
GS 630


    Machine Dimensions

    The smallest utensil washer in the world.

    • Height: 820 mm
    • Width: 870 mm
    • Depth 600 mm


    The thermostop guarantees that the rinse only starts when the boiler temperature has reached the defined set value.

    • Maximum hygiene

    Self-cleaning programme

    The self cleaning programme starts automatically at the press of a button.

    • Hygienic cleaning of the inside of the machine at the end of a day's operation
    • Thanks to the drain pump there is no residual water in the machine
    • Prevents deposits and odours

    Quadruple wash water filtration

    The efficient quadruple filtration system ensures continual supply of clean water.

    • Strainer for large dirt particles
    • Removable sieve cassette with fine filter for small dirt particles
    • Mediamat for fine impurities such as coffee grounds
    • Pump inlet filter protects pump against mechanical damage



    The efficient quadruple base filtration system ensures continual availability of clean water.

    • Level 1: Surface sieve for rough contamination
    • Level 2: Sieve cassette with fine filter for small contamination particles
    • Level 3: Mediamat for the finest particles such as coffee grounds
    • Level 4: Pump suction sieve protects the pump from mechanical damage.

    Reversing wash system

    Thanks to the reversible wash arms, optimal surface coverage is achieved.

    • Integrated high performance washing nozzles
    • Perfect wash results even for stubborn residues
    • Optimal surface coverage

    Temperature display

    Tank and boiler temperature of the machine are clearly displayed.

    • Constant temperature monitoring
    • Absolute hygiene

    Single-button operation

    The single button operation is self-explanatory and ensures maximum operational safety.

    • Simple and self-explanatory
    • Language-neutral colour coding
    • Advantageous for inexperienced frequently changing staff
  • Single-button operation
  • Temperature display
  • Machine Dimensions
  • Reversing wash system
  • Quadruple wash water filtration
  • Self-cleaning programme
  • Thermostop

    Plinths and stands

    Winterhalter offer a variety of plinths or stands to complement your GS 630.

    • Work more ergonomically
    • Space saving storage of racks
  • Plinths and stands
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GS 630 utensil washer
The smallest utensil washer in the world.

The GS 630, the smallest utensil washer in the world, is the perfect solution for small kitchens, counters or small spaces.

This compact under counter version provides excellent cleaning results for smaller utensils such as Euronorm crates, trays or GN containers. If needed, crockery and cutlery can also be washed in the GS 630.

Powerful, flexible and economical, that is the GS 630.

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Technical data: GS 630

GS 630
Technical Information Unit Standard
Theoretic capacity [Racks/h] 38 / 29 / 12
Width [mm] 870
Depth closed/open [mm] 600 / 1070
Height with feet [mm] 820 (835) 820 - 835
Working height [mm] 325 ± 20
Passage height [mm] 410
Rack dimensions [mm] 650 x 508
Rinse water volume* [l] 4.4
Tank temperature [°C] 60
Boiler temperature [°C] 85 / 65 (Temperature switching optional)
Total connection value 10 - 40 °C / 40 -55 °C / 55 - 60 °C) [kW] 7.1 / 7.1 / 7.1
Dishes - Equipment to GN 1/1, trays up to 600 x 400 mm

The technical data provided here are based on an operation under ideal conditions. Depending on the local circumstances, individual values may vary and must be recalibrated on startup..

* Non-binding information. The actual need for rinse water can vary depending on the on-site conditions.