Single Tank Rack Conveyor
STR 130


    Single-button operation

    The single button operation is self-explanatory an ensures maximum operational safety.

    • Simple and self-explanatory
    • Language-neutral colour coding
    • Advantageous for inexperienced frequently changing staff

    Base filtration

    Food debris is captured by the removable surface sieve and by the pump sieve. In addition, the tried and tested Mediamat permanently removes fine soiling like coffee grounds.

    • Continually clean wash water
    • Constantly high wash results
    • Removable surface sieve

    Hygienic Design

    A carefully engineered combination of perfect hygiene and low cleaning costs.

    • Smooth, seamless interior
    • 180° swivelling hygiene doors
    • Deep-drawn hygienic tank
    • Self-cleaning

    Rack activated control zone

    The rack activation ensures that pump operation, water intake and drying only occur when the rack reaches a specific zone within the machine.

    • Minimised resource consumption (energy, water, detergent, rinse aid)
    • Reduced operating costs

    Temperature display

    Tank and boiler temperature of the machine are displayed optically.

    • Constant temperature monitoring
    • Absolute hygiene

    Pre-Cleaning Zone

    Heavy soiling is removed from the dishes in the pre-cleaning zone.

    • Food residue is caught in an easy to remove sieve cassette
    • Food deposits in the main washing zone are reduced
    • Higher rack capacity
  • Single-button operation
  • Rack activated control zone
  • Temperature display
  • Hygienic Design
  • Base filtration
  • Pre-Cleaning Zone

    Acoustic warning signal

    An acoustic signal warns that detergent or rinse aid are low

    • Maximum hygiene

    Corner outlet conveyor

    For optimal use of room space, the STR can be equipped with an optional 90° or 180° outlet corner conveyor.

    • Optimal use of space.

    Corner inlet

    For optimal use of the room, the STR can be equipped with an optional corner inlet.

    • Optimal use of space
    • Ergonomic work process

    Corner drying zone

    For optimal use of the room, the STR can be equipped with an optional corner drying zone.

    • Dry dishes which can be immediately used
    • Particularly recommended for plastic dishes
    • Optimal use of space


    The exhaust air heat exchanger draws energy contianed in the waste steam and uses it to heat the cold inlet water - so valuable resources are saved. At the same time, cooled, dry air is released into the room.

    • Significant reduction of operating costs
    • Improved room climate
    • Reduced total connection value
  • Corner drying zone
  • Corner inlet
  • Corner outlet conveyor
  • Acoustic warning signal
  • Energy
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STR 130 single tank rack conveyor dishwasher.
Increased rack performance thanks to pre-cleaning.

The STR 130 single tank rack conveyor dishwasher, with pre-cleaning zone, offers increased capacity of up to 130 racks per hour.

The pre-cleaning process removes food residue and filters it into the sieve cassette. The machine's performance is increased without compromising wash results.

The main wash zone contains a high performance wash system that delivers perfect wash results. In less busy periods, the rack activated control zone saves energy and operating costs.

Additional options allow for further optimisation of your washing process.

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Technical data: STR 130

STR 130 - Standard
Technical Information Unit Standard
Theoretic capacity [Racks/h] 90 / 130
Length with/without drying zone [mm] 1,600 / 2,300
Depth closed/open [mm] 800 / 1,472
Height with/without extraction supports [mm] 1,420 / 1,600
Working height [mm] 900
Passage height [mm] 460
Pass-through width [mm] 460
Rack dimensions [mm] 500 x 500
Rinse water volume* [l] 260
Tank temperature [°C] 55 - 65
Boiler temperature [°C] 85
Water inlet temperature: [°C] 10 - 20
Total connection value [kW] 38.8

The technical data provided here are based on an operation under ideal conditions. Depending on the local circumstances, individual values may vary and must be recalibrated on startup..

* Non-binding information. The actual need for rinse water can vary depending on the on-site conditions.