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TurboZyme process.
Manual pre-wash is a thing of the past.

The TurboZyme process combined with the innovative crust cracker dissolves all types of tough residues in the UF series of utensil washers. This means that kitchen porters no longer need to carry out manual pre-washing.

During the TurboZyme soaking programme, the dishes are targeted and coated with the enzymatic pre-cleaner called crust cracker. The enzymes dissolve even the toughest residues before the start of the actual wash cycle.

In order to optimally remove different types of soiling such as grease, protein or starch, three different crust crackers have been designed:

  • A 100 e crust cracker for use in the catering industry
  • A 120 e crust cracker for use in bakeries
  • A 140 e crust cracker for use in butcher’s shops

All information about the enzymatic pre-cleaners at the product pages:

A 100 e crust cracker       A 120 e crust cracker      A 140 e crust cracker

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