Multi-tank rack conveyor

Data interfaces

A data interface (RS 422, RS 232), can share hygiene information with a computer to enable the analysis and documentation of data.

  • Real-time data analysis

Detergent saving device

Available with detergent saving equipment which reduces detergent consumption and operating costs.

  • Reduction of operating costs thanks to reduced detergent use

Base set up

As an option, multi-tank conveyor dishwashers can also be ordered without feet for installation on a base on site.

  • Simple and hygienic floor cleaning.

Outlet roller table

The outlet roller table increases the output area for freshly washed racks. The dishes can dry properly and throughput increases.

  • Optimal drying results
  • Increased output capacity

Corner outlet conveyor

For optimal use of the room, the MTR can be equipped with an optional 90° or 180° outlet corner conveyor.

  • Optimal use of space

Corner inlet

For optimal use of the room, the MTR can be equipped with an optional corner inlet.

  • Optimal use of space
  • Ergonomic work process


The exhaust air heat exchanger draws energy contianed in the waste steam and uses it to heat the cold inlet water - so valuable resources are saved. At the same time, cooled, dry air is released into the room.

  • Significant reduction of operating costs
  • Improved room climate
  • Reduced total connected load

Heat pumps

Climate and Climate+ heat pumps offer more efficiently than the Energy heat recovery system.

  • Energy savings with the Climate heat pump: up to 14 kWh per hour
  • Energy savings with the Climate+ heat pump: up to 18 kWh per hour

Note: Fluorinated greenhouse gases contained in a hermetically sealed device; refrigerant R134a, 1.20 kg (Climate) / 2.60 kg (Climate+), 1.72 tonnes (Climate) / 3.72 tonnes (Climate+) of CO2 equivalent; greenhouse gas potential 1430.

Glass Program

The machine contains a unique glass program which adjusts the wash parameters to the special requirements for washing glasses.

  • Wash process specially optimised for glass washing.
  • Rinse with osmosis water is activated (if present).