Chemical compartment

The base of the machine contains a compartment where detergent and rinse aids can be stored.

  • Space saving storage of detergent and rinse aids
  • Simple floor cleaning
  • Lockable option available

Machine Dimensions

The smallest utensil washer in the world.

  • Height: 820 mm
  • Width: 870 mm
  • Depth 600 mm


The thermostop guarantees that the rinse only starts when the boiler temperature has reached the defined set value.

  • Maximum hygiene

Self-cleaning programme

The self cleaning programme starts automatically at the press of a button.

  • Hygienic cleaning of the inside of the machine at the end of a day's operation
  • Thanks to the drain pump there is no residual water in the machine
  • Prevents deposits and odours

Quadruple wash water filtration

The efficient quadruple filtration system ensures continual supply of clean water.

  • Strainer for large dirt particles
  • Removable sieve cassette with fine filter for small dirt particles
  • Mediamat for fine impurities such as coffee grounds
  • Pump inlet filter protects pump against mechanical damage



The efficient quadruple base filtration system ensures continual availability of clean water.

  • Level 1: Surface sieve for rough contamination
  • Level 2: Sieve cassette with fine filter for small contamination particles
  • Level 3: Mediamat for the finest particles such as coffee grounds
  • Level 4: Pump suction sieve protects the pump from mechanical damage.

Reversing wash system

Thanks to the reversible wash arms, optimal surface coverage is achieved.

  • Integrated high performance washing nozzles
  • Perfect wash results even for stubborn residues
  • Optimal surface coverage

Temperature display

Tank and boiler temperature of the machine are clearly displayed.

  • Constant temperature monitoring
  • Absolute hygiene

Single-button operation

The single button operation is self-explanatory and ensures maximum operational safety.

  • Simple and self-explanatory
  • Language-neutral colour coding
  • Advantageous for inexperienced frequently changing staff