Glasses sparkle at the Manor – with no upfront cost

Popular Cumbrian inn’s ‘exceptional’ Winterhalters on Pay Per Wash scheme

The Manor is one of five pubs in the beautiful Cumbrian village of St Bees.  Despite the competition it’s very busy with nine bedrooms achieving 85% occupancy. Owner Alan Glass says that, while it’s a wet-led pub, “it’s also driven by food.”  It’s popular with walkers, tourists and business people and its lounge, bars and dining room can cater for up to 100 covers. 

The Manor dates back to 1649.  It was extensively refurbished a couple of years ago and the work carries on – most recently the stables were converted into a dining room and next up is the black smith shop, which is being transformed into a café bistro. 

Quality is a priority and the Manor’s old glasswasher and dishwasher were letting things down – they weren’t getting glasses and dishes clean enough.  Alan started looking into alternatives and read about Winterhalter’s new Pay Per Wash scheme in a trade magazine.  “I received a brochure through, appreciated what I saw and we went from there.  I’ve been happy ever since!”   

With Pay Per Wash (PPW) there’s no upfront cost – Winterhalter supplies the warewashers for free.  The operator literally pays per wash, by buying credits online which are automatically logged into the machine via internet connection.  The PPW fee also covers the cost of chemicals (delivered by Winterhalter), service and repairs.  Alan is currently running an evaluation of the costs, compared to buying the machines, chemicals and service outright. 

“Both the glasswasher and the dishwasher are really good machines, their quality of cleanliness far outweighs our previous machines,” says Alan.  “The glasses and plates actually sparkle!” 

The Manor has two Winterhalter UC undercounter warewashers.  The UC-S (small) glasswasher, and the UC-L (large) dishwasher.  The glasswasher accommodates racks of 400x400mm, has a door height of 309mm and its ‘short wash’ programme gives it a theoretical capacity of up to 77 racks per hour.  The dishwasher has racks of 500x500mm, a door height of 404mm and a theoretical capacity of up to 66 racks per hour.   The speed, reliability and performance of the machines mean The Manor can keep up with demand, even in busy periods.

“I’ve told lots of other people about the Pay Per Wash scheme,” says Alan.  “Both Winterhalters are reliable, easy to use and easy to keep clean.   They really are exceptional.”