Winterhalter at the HCA Forum 2018

Connected Wash: moving towards a 100% first time fix rate

Celtic Manor, 12-18 April 2018

When a hospital warewasher breaks down it can be a very, very bad thing.  Stress and workloads go up, hygiene is compromised.  So imagine a world where warewashers told the service engineers that a component might be failing, so that they could come out and fix it before it broke down.  And, because the engineers know what’s wrong, they can bring the right tools and spares, so the first time fix rate can be 100%. 

That’s just one of the things that Winterhalter’s Connected Wash does, which is why it’ll be the main highlight of the Winterhalter stand at the HCA Forum 2018.  Connected Wash allows hospital users and their service providers to monitor the warewasher from anywhere in the world, via an app or portal.  It will warn when the machine is low on detergents.  It will suggest ways to reduce running costs.  It will keep the warewasher working as efficiently as possible, maximising its working life.  It offers a real contribution to both hospital budgets and sustainability. 

Winterhalter will also highlight its latest warewashers, including the new PT passthroughs and the MT high volume conveyor systems.  Both ranges have new technologies that save water, energy and chemicals.