Winterhalter Chemicals: packaging that minimises environmental impact

Latest BLUe chemicals are greener, while concentrates dramatically reduce waste

As the world becomes increasingly concerned about waste plastic, Winterhalter has launched its latest BLUe range of ‘green’ cleaning chemicals in packaging designed to have minimal impact on the environment. 

“We’ve taken a hard look at our packaging to ensure that it’s as green as possible,” says Peter Alsworth, Winterhalter’s chemical sales director. “It’s not just about recycling, it’s also about changing perceptions and practices.  For example, we are strongly promoting the use of concentrated products and refillable flasks and containers, as this minimises waste and reduces the impact of transport for delivery, since the weight and volume of product is dramatically reduced.”

Replacing standard cleaning products with concentrates, and using refillable flasks, has a significant impact on packaging use.  A single 2litre bottle of concentrate yields 100 x 750ml flasks when diluted.    

Most of the cartons used for the BLUe range are made of recycled board, while the spray flask packaging contains post-consumer recylate.  Plastic containers are recyclable and all the packaging is designed to be as easy to recycle as possible.  For example, plastic containers have plastic labels, rather than paper ones, and flasks are fitted with all-plastic triggers. 

Obviously the prime concern when dealing with cleaning chemicals is staff health and safety.  The latest BLUe packaging meets Winterhalter’s stringent safety controls whilst helping ensure the products meet the highest professional standards. 

The BLUe products are manufactured under an environmental management system approved to ISO14001.  “They use formulations containing raw materials from renewable resources,” says Peter.  “For example our C110BLUe washing-up liquid uses vegetable-derived surfactants, rather than those which originate from oil.” 

Winterhalter Chemicals has developed a comprehensive portfolio of cleaning products.  They include the largest range of warewashing chemicals on the market, as well as a huge choice of specialist products formulated specifically for the foodservice industry – from rinse aid, floor polish stripper, combi oven cleaner and multipurpose degreaser to sanitiser, safety floor cleaner, and antibactericidal foam soap.  For every cleaning issue, Winterhalter Chemicals has the answer.