A Winterhalter warewasher for every care home – with no upfront cost

With Pay-Per-Wash, care homes get a warewasher, chemicals and service from under 27p per wash

Care homes looking to upgrade the quality of their warewashing, with no upfront cost, can now switch to Winterhalter’s Pay-Per-Wash scheme. 

With Pay-Per-Wash, care homes simply pay as they wash – with costs starting from under 27p per wash cycle.   The cost covers everything: the Winterhalter warewasher, plus Winterhalter chemicals, service and maintenance.  It covers installation and training.  It even covers repairs (provided they are not the result of misuse).  

“Some care homes have said it sounds too good to be true,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter.  “But it emphatically is true.  We’ve looked very hard at the costs and, obviously, kept them to a minimum so that they are as attractive as possible for our customers.

“It’s not only cost-effective, it also takes away all the hassle of warewashing, because we look after the chemicals and service, too.  And it means getting the best possible washing results, from market-leading machines.  We think that Pay-Per-Wash is the ideal solution for care homes.” 

With Pay-Per-Wash, operators select a desired number of wash cycles and prepay for them, using a credit card. The warewasher is internet-connected and the wash codes bought are automatically entered into the machine, so staff can start washing straight away.  The cost per wash will depend on the machine chosen and usually customers will buy at least 100 washes in advance.  For the Winterhalter undercounter UC-S, the smallest machine available, the cost is £26.18 for 100 washes.