Smart and sustainable: Award-winning warewashing technology at ScotHot 2017

Smart and sustainable: Award-winning warewashing technology at ScotHot 2017

On stand 4610, visitors to ScotHot 2017 will be able to find out more about how the right warewashers can make warewashing more efficient, reliable and controllable, as well as producing sparkling clean wash results time after time.

Winterhalter’s new Connected Wash system exploits the latest networking and digital technologies to allow Winterhalter warewashers to be networked, providing more continuity and efficiency in the kitchen or in multiple kitchens.

Initially available for Winterhalter’s UC Series, the system allows operators to use a computer, tablet or smartphone to monitor machine functions around the clock, via the Connected Wash app, from anywhere in the world.

Also on the stand, Winterhalter will be showing its latest award-winning UC Excellence-iPlus undercounter washers and PT Series of passthrough warewashers - both of which deliver top wash results whilst using innovative technologies to reduce the consumption of energy and resources.

Winterhalter’s UC Excellence-iPlus features groundbreaking technology that combines an integrated water softener and reverse osmosis system, removing almost 100% of water impurities to deliver flawless wash results on glassware, cutlery and dishes. Its hybrid technology achieves brilliant wash results every time, on budget and within a tight space.

The iPlus machines also feature VarioAqua which allows the user to select whether to use the RO system or not.  So less critical items can be washed using softened water only, which minimises running costs, while more important ones can have the full RO treatment, for sparkling results.  The machines also feature Winterhalter’s AquaOpt function which optimises water quality during extended wash break periods and can be adapted to meet specific on-site requirements, ensuring consistent washing and saving energy costs.

Winterhalter’s PT Series is the market’s first passthrough machine with energy-saving heat exchange technology fitted as standard. The heat exchangers extract energy from the waste water and the warm, humid water vapour inside the machine and use it to heat up the incoming cold water supply, reducing energy costs by up to 10%.

Meanwhile, the PT has a clever way of managing the energy which reduces the cleaning time for each wash cycle, increasing the rack capacity by up to 28% per hour and reducing heat-up time by 50%.  It does this by channelling the power available to whichever component of the warewasher needs it most at that given point in time. The speed of the system means the PT is ready for action faster than conventional passthroughs, allowing back-to-back rack washing, which will be a huge bonus for busy commercial kitchens in peak times.  Despite its speed and energy efficiency, the PT also delivers the best ever cleaning results.

“Sustainability has to be a key buying criteria – what we’ve achieved with the UC Excellence-iPlus and the PT Series is to combine sustainability with market-leading results,” says Paul Crowley, marketing manager of Winterhalter.