The sweet smell of warewashing…

Winterhalter’s new cleaning tablet has warewashers smelling sweeter and lasting longer

Even the most careful manual clean or most effective self-cleaning programme will leave tiny mineral deposits in warewashers.  Over time these can grow and, as well as potentially damaging the unit, can lead to unpleasant odours. To combat this Winterhalter has developed a cleaning tablet, the A 15 MC, for use with its UC series of undercounter warewashers.  It gets rid of the deposits, leaves a clean, fresh fragrance, delivers a new level of hygienic cleaning and, by removing any trace of mineral deposits and limescale, extends the life of the machine. 

Using the A 15 MC tablet is very simple and effortless: simply remove it from its wrapping and pop it in the machine during the self-cleaning programme. 

The tablet is precisely tailored to the UC series’ self-cleaning programme and ensures the most thorough cleaning and care for the machine, preventing unpleasant odours and leaving a subtle, fresh fragrance. 

 “In trials, these new cleaning tablets were a huge success, because they are really effective and are so easy,” says Peter Alsworth, sales director of Winterhalter UK’s cleaning chemicals division.  “As well as improving the working environment, they protect the value of the warewasher over its service life.” 

The A 15 MC comes in containers of 25 x 8g tablets.  Dosing is one tablet per self-cleaning procedure.  The tablet should only be used in an empty machine on the self-cleaning cycle, it is not suitable for cleaning dishes.