Pay Per Wash offers operators a no-upfront investment, risk-free warewashing

Winterhalter’s Latest Next Level Solution creates entirely new warewash payment model

Pay Per Wash is an alternative payment model that allows operators to have a Winterhalter warewasher without investment or any risk.  It is the latest launch under Winterhalter’s Next Level Solutions project, which exploits the latest digital technology to bring commercial warewashing to the next level.  

With Pay Per Wash, which is initially available for Winterhalter’s UC Series of undercounter machines,  customers no longer have to buy a warewasher to have one operating in their business.  It eliminates acquisition costs and means customers are only charged when the warewasher is actually washing. Pay Per Wash contracts have no minimum term and can be cancelled at short notice.

Customers select a desired number of wash cycles and prepay for them, using a credit card. The wash codes they buy are automatically entered into the machine and they can start washing straight away.  There is a fixed price per wash cycle, and everything is included in the package: warewasher, racks, water treatment and chemicals.

“Even repairs and maintenance costs are included in the fixed price,” says Winterhalter’s CEO Ralph Winterhalter.  “It really is a ‘zero risk’ choice.”

Winterhalter believes Pay Per Wash will appeal to a variety of sectors of the market, especially with seasonal businesses, who will only pay for warewashing when they are earning money.  Meanwhile owners of start-ups will be able to rely on perfect wash results, without having to make an initial investment.  “These days more foodservice operators are questioning traditional approaches and are moving to use-based accounting,” says Ralph Winterhalter.  “They no longer necessarily want to own a warewasher, instead they just want to pay when they use it. Pay Per Wash is perfect for them.”