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Sparkling cleaning results.
Perfect hygiene.

With a wide range of detergents which have been developed for all types of washing conditions, Winterhalter can provide detergents that complement any of its range of warewashing systems.

Winterhalter detergents guarantee perfect cleaning results and hygienic cleanliness - especially in volume washing environments.

Developed in our own Winterhalter laboratory, we can supply a range of detergents that will provide outstanding results using gentle ingredients.  The Winterhalter range consists of the following detergents:

  • Glass: streak-free shine, perfect beer head stability and a long lasting shine
  • Bistro and dish: brilliant glasses, flawless dishes, gentle cleaning and stain removing
  • All purpose: designed to tackle all types of soiling found on dishes and a choice of detanning
  • High performance: providing cleanliness in tough conditions or extreme soiling, excellent for dissolving starch and protein and odour neutral
  • Utensil: powerful against protein and grease, active defoaming and optimum protection

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