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Winterhalter academy - Training for sales and services partners.

Training for everything warewasher related. By using innovative and tailored training programmes, Winterhalter can share its expert knowledge and experience of warewashing with its sales and service...  
Date: 21-07-17
URL: /services-solutions/academy/

Bottle racks - the complete solution for hygienically clean bottles.

Your bottle washing system.For hygenic washing results and maximum flexibility. Winterhalter now offers the complete solution for the hygienic washing of bottles. The system combining of an...  
Date: 18-07-17
URL: /racks/bottles/

Chemicals - highly effective ingredients for cleanliness and hygiene.

Links Perfect cleaning results.Maximum hygiene As a specialist provider of warewashing products and systems, Winterhalter produces high quality detergents and hygiene...  
Date: 17-07-17
URL: /chemicals/

Additional products - Fixed for special requirements

Extra Strength. For Tough Jobs. Winterhalter also supplies additional chemicals to help with particulalry tough tasks or special cleaning processes. Each of these additional products allows...  
Date: 14-07-17
URL: /chemicals/additional-products/

Winterhalter - Specialist for commercial warewashing systems. Warewashers, washing chemicals, water treatment, racks and accessories.

No Investment. Zero Risk. PAY PER WASH. More Safety. More Efficiency. CONNECTED WASH. Footprint labelling with The Carbon Trust - Now you know where you stand. AT Excellence...  
Date: 14-07-17
URL: /

Cutlery washers for the UC series - sparkling wash results without additional polishing.

Links Video UC Series UC Series cutlery washers.Sparkling cleaning results without polishing. Cutlery washers for the UC Series make manual polishing obsolete. In a system with fully...  

Bistro Dishwashers for the UC series - sparkling wash results for varied items.

Links Video UC Series UC Series Bistro Dishwashers. Perfect for a variety of wash items. Bistro dishwashers for the UC Series wash cutlery, dishes and glasses in one cycle and deliver hygienic and...  

Dishwashers for the UC Series - perfect wash results even for stubborn residues.

Links Video UC Series UC Series dishwashers. High performance and perfection. UC Series dishwashers achieve perfect cleaning results even when faced with differing types of wash items and...  

Glasswashers for the UC Series - sparkling cleaning results without additional polishing.

UC Series Glasswashers. Reinventing glasswashing. Glasswashers for the UC Series can perfectly adapt between regular washing and any special washing on-site requirements. Thanks to the variable...  

Careers - Working at Winterhalter

Contact the HR Department If you have any questions, you can reach our HR department on Phone 01908 359-000 Careers at Winterhalter.Work with us! The Winterhalter Group is a market leader in the...  
Date: 10-07-17
URL: /careers/careers-at-winterhalter/
Search results 1 until 10 of 272
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